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Application security is the security measures at the application level that aim to prevent data or code within the app from being stolen or hijacked. It encompasses the security considerations that happen during application development and design, but it also involves systems and approaches to protect apps after they get deployed.

Application security may include hardware, software, and procedures that identify or minimize security vulnerabilities. A router that prevents anyone from viewing a computer’s IP address from the Internet is a form of hardware application security. But security measures at the application level are also typically built into the software, such as an application firewall that strictly defines what activities are allowed and prohibited. Procedures can entail things like an application security routine that includes protocols such as regular testing.

The core of our services include the following :

– Enterprise Security
– Threat Intelligence
– Enterprise on Demand

Areas of expertise:

Holistic cloud solutions to provide protection, visibility, detection, and services.

Safeguard your valuable student, faculty and staff data and intellectual property.

Financial Services
Your top cybersecurity challenge is your obligation to protect your clients’ assets.

Counter the evolving threats to mission-critical government networks and critical infrastructure.

Combine technology with threat intelligence and extensive experience to prevent cyber attacks.